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Wisdom cannot be obtained in its whole form…

One can only get the raw materials to create Wisdom…
The raw materials is Knowledge and Understanding…

You can obtain knowledge through the help of others…
While Understanding can be obtain inside yourself…
And with these two…
You can combine them and produce your Wisdom…

Wisdom from other people will never be helpful for you… it will never be of any use to you…

But if you really want to use Wisdom from others… gather the Knowledge and the Understanding that was used and only then will the Wisdom be of some any use to you…


" Unless you understand something
You will only know lies”



A new year to destruct
A new year to construct
A whole new problem we’ll face
A whole new hope for our race

The time of war and peace
The time for love at least
Living for the time we want
Living for the reason of one

For we all see and hear
All times that our times are near
But we’re not here to fear
For our future is so unclear

(Source: lm105)

7 Gifts Of the Holy Spirit

7 Captial sins and 7 Capital Virtues

Destiny and Choices
Helping together to create one’s Future

Destiny and Choices

Helping together to create one’s Future

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